What is an Activity Board?

Basically, an activity board is a location where information can be posted for others to see. Traditionally, the only way to post paper information was on a standard cork board, usually referred to as a “bulletin board.” Although functional, this method is certainly not an ideal or elegant solution. Typically, these boards hold unorganized and outdated information, and are difficult, if not impossible to maintain. A cluttered board loaded with documents is overwhelming, hard to read and understand, and just doesn’t look good.

BigMedia’s Activity Board solution is simply the best way to post information in a clean and organized manner that not only works but looks great too! At the heart of BigMedia’s Activity Boards is our unique modular solution that is the ultimate in customization for all your communication needs. Just tell us your requirements and we will design and produce an Activity Board to display any kind of information in a professional, organized, engaging presentation. From Flip Frames, Whiteboards, Date & Weather and Tacking Surfaces, to many other interchangeable items — everything is mounted on an elegant maple wood backing in one of our standard stain colours or customized to match your building’s décor. To enhance the professional look, we can add your logo or building name to the board — just one of the many ways our Activity Boards can be customized to meet your needs. You no longer have to source and buy multiple pieces from several suppliers and struggle with making them look good on the wall.

We used our modular solution to create a series of standard boards and configurations for Retirement and Assisted Living and Long Term Care. In addition, we developed a series of Activity Boards that meet pre-defined regulatory and compliance guidelines; for example, MOHLTC-compliant menu boards and regulatory boards.

What are the benefits of a BigMedia Activity Board?

Activity Boards bring harmony to information chaos. For anyone struggling to manage the sheer magnitude of paper, BigMedia’s Activity Boards are an ideal solution to de-clutter and disseminate information in an organized, easy-to-manage presentation.

Not only will their use improve communication, the professional look-and-feel of the boards adds credibility to the contents and encourages participation. The professional designs are eye-catching, the information presented is clean and clear, and the boards themselves are durable and cleanable. The range of product available ensures flexibility, as does the ability to customize to your specifications. Rather than being the eyesore that unorganized, over-populated bulletin boards tend to be, BigMedia’s Activity Boards blend with the environment, becoming a piece of furniture complementary with the building’s décor.